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Bitcoin faucet is a reward system in the form of a website or app , that dispenses rewards in the form of a Satoshi, who is one-hundredth of a million BTC, for visitors to require in exchange for completing a captcha or function described by the website. There is also taps to refrain alternative cryptocurrencies .

Bitcoin faucet developed by Gavin Andresen, 2010.

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One Click Faucet — 200 Satoshi every 15 Minutes, 71 days. Hide. 17. BitcoiNaN …. Hide. 79. BitCoinClaimer – High Quality Bitcoin Faucet, 167 days. Hide. 80.

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313 Bitcoin faucets as of 04 Dec 2016. Best Bitcoin Faucet List Ever

313 freshly checked live Bitcoin faucets as of 04 Dec 2016. 0 x 2000+ satoshi, 1 x 1000+ satoshi, 234 FaucetBox faucets. 61 ePay faucets. 1 Paytoshi faucets.

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Top 10 Bitcoin Faucets


There are countless bitcoin faucets, but as with everything else, they weren’t all created equal. That’s why we’re going to breakdown 10 of the best bitcoin …

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Field Bitcoins – Free Bitcoin Faucet

Field Bitcoins is a bitcoin faucet with a difference…YOU decide how often to claim! Instant and weekly payment options. 50% referral commission.

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Rewards are allocated to different predetermined time intervals. Faucets usually provide fractions of a bitcoin, but the amount will usually fluctuate depending on the value of Bitcoin. Typical payment per transaction is less than 1000 Satoshi, [note 1] although some faucets also randomly greater rewards. To reduce mining fees , faucets normally save these small individual payments in their own ledgers , which then add up to make a larger payment sent to a user’s bitcoin address.

As Bitcoin transactions are irreversible and there are numerous taps, they have become targets for hackers stealing Bitcoins.


  1. To introduce users to Bitcoin : faucets are an excellent way to help introduce new people to Bitcoin, or to alternative altcoins. A majority of the faucets provide information to new users and offer them some free coins so that they can “try before they buy”, experiment with a test transaction or two before real money at stake. Because this whole experience is so new and a bit complicated for people who might not really trust it with their hard money, this is a beneficial way to promote digital currency and bring in new users.
  2. To get traffic : faucets high-traffic sites. It is not so difficult to get a large number of page views per day to a site that gives away free money. If a website has other content or services to promote the Bitcoin users, especially new users, a faucet a good way to get them to make them familiar with the brand.
  3. To make money : To make a healthy profit from a tap website on your own is much harder than just making a popular faucet, but it is still possible. There are a lot of these sites around today, so it’s a very competitive market, and earn enough from advertising to cover the cost of the coins you give away and hosting costs is almost impossible. Adding additional content to a site, or create some sort of unique or interesting twist, the only way to generate an income for the Bitcoin faucet.

Referral system

It is typical of the faucets have a referral system in which existing users refer new rewarded with a pro rata share of new users result from the tap. Unlike illegal pyramid schemes , the results need not percolate to the top of the chain of referrals. The precise legal status of Bitcoin faucets is unclear and may vary from jurisdiction refers to the legality of bitcoin by country .


  1.  Named afterSatoshi Nakamoto, Satoshi is the smallest unit of bitcoin. 1 Satoshi equals 10 -8 BTC.


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