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131 148 165 230 328 3284

Average 187 satoshi (374 satoshi per hour)

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Q: What is Bitcoin?

A: Bitcoin is a digital currency, alternatively referred to as a virtual currency or a cryptocurrency because cryptography is used to control its creation and transfer. Read more about cryptocurrencies on Wikipedia.

Q: What is Dark Faucet?

A: Dark Faucet is a "faucet" - website dispensing cryptocurrencies for free to it's users. This one gives away free Bitcoins.

Q: Whats up with the jackpot?

A: 3% of every dispense goes into the pot. You have one try to win it after each dispense.

Q: How does this website stay up?

A: Dark Faucet is supported by ads and donations from community. Disabling your ad blocker on this site would be a great way to make sure free Bitcoins doesn't run out.

Q: How much can I earn?

A: You can get up to 3284 satoshi per dispense. Possible rewards are:
131 148 165 230 328 3284

Q: How often can I get free Bitcoins?

A: You can dispense free Bitcoins every 30 minutes.

Q: When will I get my Bitcoins?

A: We send Bitcoins immediately to your faucetbox account. If its not possible for some reason, we keep track of your balance so you can cash it out some other time.

Q: Are rewards going to change?

A: Rewards may go up or down as market prices change.